Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. Simplenote syncs across virtually everything and supports AppImage, DEB, and RPM. I don't / wouldn't do that simply because my handwriting pushes the boundaries of the word 'atrocious'. When Google Apps aren't directly monetized it makes me worry (Wave, Reader, etc). And the great news is that while I've been experimenting and releasing new extensions regularly, the core app has hardly changed from the way it was one year ago. Same here. You can add tables, change font types, add bullet points, add media files, integrate sketches and drawing, and so on. Nice - I was about to rewrite a sticky note thing I have been using (saves to DropBox, too), but I have forked yours and will start from there instead. Thus no need for IV, and makes implementations across platforms simpler. In the end I realized that I didn't want to learn another tool just for taking notes, so it had to be both something simple and something that integrates with my editor (Emacs or Vim). The core version had similar colors on mobile, similar interface on web, and similar website language. But there's an extension system built for Standard Notes so 3rd party can add. The other major benefit of having them digital is having them searchable. Part of the appeal of Simplenote is markdown support but the other cool thing is WordPress support. My ideas, understanding of things also evolve over time, and if my notes are to be faithful to that they should allow the same mutability. I found. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. So where do I go? That looks pretty great. But that's not from laziness. And attempting to justify it by using a single dictionary definition, isn't logic, it's wordplay. You can easily create text-notes, reminders, to-do list, and more. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 26669 on r2-app-0c86560e31d3c7463 at 2021-01-12 03:30:55.284812+00:00 running 0131643 country code: US. I feel this will work for a lot of people, especially less technical users. I regularly look for electronic note taking solutions that I can trust to survive a lifetime (local files, no cloud, open format, etc.) Something along these lines is what I'm imagining. I do that in vim with a Markdown file and the GPG extension for vim. Completely freeform tagging requires a lot of discipline to not get out of hand, nested tags make this even more difficult. I'm a member of the Electron maintainers group and fully realize that this is partly on us for not educating better. macOS. I'll bet that .txt files (which is what I currently use to store notes) will outlast .doc. This makes sense as there is not a lot to upset anyone with the core free version, which was kind of the goal ;). Is there actually any description of how you're encrypting, how you manage and distribute keys, why you believe this is secure, why you're not using an authenticated mode, etc? I agree. If you are on Windows, I highly recommend ResophNotes. That's pretty much what I do, except using UltraEdit as the editor. The format is just plain text. I think such a non-linear problem can be solved with different note taking methods as "short, medium, and long-term storage". This is a poorly thought out and whiny review + cosmetic criticisms of a very solid service. Simplenote. Hmm, good point, looks like you can export individual notes as PDF, but that's it. The app doesn't work without an active web connection -- it's just an empty shell. The reason we torture ourselves to do it this way is because it's better for the long run. I've combined ResophNotes with Autohotkey and Merlin Mann's notes taxonomy and it's a killer combination for me. Flatpak and appimage are the most open friendly. As I know you understood I was just trying to give you the sense of what it is the user/customer experience of your product because I like it and I feel there is much room for improvement, in the software and in the business model. You are completely locking yourself into their system and if you stop paying the monthly fee, you even loose the ability to sync your things to your phone or Mac. Nonetheless there is really good potential in the software and I encourage getting a paid subscription to support its development. It needs to have: I really like Google Photos for it's excellent search capabilities. (this made me smile; I worked at NRAO for ten years.). No, I won't be able to search them, nor will they sync, nor will they be there when I lose my notebook. Add version tags to the git repo, that way I don't have to wonder what's changed between deploys And there is a normal windows listview where I can see a lot of notes at once. I agree. Found myself in a similar situation with Wunderlist slowing down over the past year. Sure, the subscription is helping the developer to keep the app running but once I stop paying that, I will loose crucial features. ), but have not found a solution that I'm happy with. [0]: 1. I use pen and paper all the time but only for ephemera. I think the KISS principle applies here. I use penn and paper all the time and prefer it to note taking apps. I'll have to poke at it. Software is a living breathing thing, and feedback like yours helps shape the future and helps improve the product. Compare its performance to notepad.exe which ran fine on machines from decades ago. Nothing new but it's important to put the spotlight in the cause of the rot of this industry. That said just taking notes in a consistent place and in a consistent format gets you 80% of the way there. While using a dark theme the notes background flashes with white when switching between notes. It's more a full blown, fully customizable writing app targeted at writers. Where there's demand for privacy and security, notepad falls short, as you cannot password-protect your notes. It was an exceptionally cool experience when visiting the NRAO[1] Archives[2] to pick up and read 70+ year old research notebooks from pioneering astronomers. I've been there before. Simplenote is a cross-platform Markdown notes application. CloudFormation or Terraform template link in the README would really sweet. I'd imagine others who spend the majority of their time using computers are in the same boat. Or, you can pay $20 per year for the Premium version of Simplenote to hide all ads, store up to 30 versions of each of your notes (standard is 10), and other additional features. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. Being open source and extensible is a bonus! It saves your notes as plain markdown files, but has a WYSIWYG editor. So if the website goes down, I've still lost my data unless I back it up in advance. Other private, short-lived, growth-oriented companies? Notes may contribute to a long-term document that should absolutely be digitized, but storing the notes themselves defeats their purpose in my view. Believe it or not, I was sort of happy to hear that you thought our business model was "aggressive", because the one thing I've heard from every business-savvy person before was that it's not aggressive enough. Even notepad.exe has 3 step undo, so that is totally unacceptable. I own, use, and enjoy Ulysses, but I wouldn't buy it at its current price. Another useful one is the calculator extension, which can evaluate simple expressions like 3 * 5 =. I'm not even directly commenting on the product itself. Especially for a software oriented towards security and privacy a clearer and straightforward marketing strategy would be much more appreciated. But, the disconnect seems to be that you believed our mission, but were set aback by some technical mishaps. Slack. I think we're all thoroughly aware of the pen and paper option. Its open source. It works with a simple app to handle syncing the paper with multiple digital services/tags. I'd love a self-hosted Flickr. Or it gets wet, or when I forget it, and I sure as Schmidt won't be able to read them in 50 years, because the only thing I have that is that old is my physical body. This is a really cool project. Over the years I've amassed a copious amount of notes that haven't yet been digitized. You can access the app without sign up here: Very nice. That's crazy dangerous - if that endpoint gets compromised, nothing keeps the attacker from running `rm -rf /` on every user's machine. I haven't yet had a need to port it to OS X. I keep my notes in Dropbox for distribution and so I can access them on my phone. Weekly Linux Newsletter. But I plan to move off of it after I accidentaly removed part of the note and noticed then that there is no undo at all. Of course, if you love using an elegant pen for the esthetics and freedom of it (okay, hard to argue with that), then do anything important on fine, archival, loose paper with a beautiful, pigmented (not dye) ink, and scan and OCR it to once again maximize its usefulness and longevity. Since an AppImage is just a compressed filesystem, you can also extract its content very similar to a zip file. Evernote and Simplenote are great tools and I would recommend them for mostpeo… - backend storage should be any cloud hosting system such as on AWS S3, but the data shouldn't be accessible to any one publicly, except via the application, and ideally encrypted at rest. I appreciate how reasonable you are, so I realize you already understand this, but are understandably flustered by this weird model. Official standard notes docker image or dockerfile in repo Zim does have support for embedding images, or links to other files/websites. Love it so far! In the end the software experience feels more broken than simple. I've seen the way many people use physical notes and it's largely the same thing. The core mission of SN has always been anti-bloat. Your comment isnt helpful for people looking for a digital solution. On Windows, there's EFS and NTFS ACLs for privacy (and BitLocker, of course). Ok, Windows Evernote client is a bit bloated, I agree, but I can still immediately enter new note and immediately search notes via a shortcut. And best, ... that have been standard in other note-taking apps for years. Unless you have an extensive background in application security, especially on the stack that you are using (Electron, etc), then don't advertise security as a feature. This is a lifesaver if you have to quickly search for a scanned receipt or a screenshot. My current plan is to import them into OneNote because they have good app coverage across platforms and they just released what looks like a pretty solid API that lets you import and export notes. Our revenue source comes exclusively from our customers, and not from advertisers or venture capitalists. I have settled on Org and or Markdown, to Dropbox if required sync. My app auto-saves every few seconds, and records a log of the diff. However, for this use case I don't believe technology adds very much value. And some stuff, like babel (which is probably important to devs), depends on other emacs packages... You can still always open complicated org files in emacs if you really need to, but that shouldn't stop people from attempting to develop a lighter client alternative that's more convenient for the browser or mobile, for example. We did this as a way to push out changes quicker since we were still making major improvements often. I use a cross-platform clone called nvPy on my primary machine, it's a pretty adequate substitute. One thing you have to sort out is whether and how Simplenote fits into your notes workflow. I'm really satisfied with the end to end encryption and the general security and privacy model of Standard Notes. In the HN crowd, I wonder how many notes still start off on paper, but are then transcribed into digital. I went pro mainly to support the team. Oh neat! Standard Notes (todo) Notebooks. Found Taskcade (. >> I want to be able to read it fifty years from now ... > I've read Altucher's words on using a waiter's pad and he says the same thing -- it's for ephemera. For context, I use Apple Notes frequently but not regularly (~100 notes over four years) and suspect my use is not heavy enough to uncover limitations. Notes are supposed to be brief records to _aid memory_, not critically important documents. That kind of mass is an anchor, and when I move I get to make a decision: bring them, or leave them in storage. What's wrong with good old notepad.exe and *.txt files? I would also mention nvALT has a similar philosophy in terms of file format and supports Markdown and fast searching of notes. I took a lot of notes on pen and paper during my studies, but after a decade of moving around (including different countries) I have none of them left. [–][deleted] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). Your notes from ten years ago may be physically there, but how long is it going to take to find what you need? Taking notes is a vital part of learning and as a programmer we have specific needs that software such as Docs or Word can't cover. So much so that I've written some JXA (Javascript for Automation) code to extract all of my notes to self-contained HTML files. I don't think it does yet. Encryption and media are easily changed if that becomes necessary and technology changes. Evernote clipper (or "save this page as a note") is the only thing keeping me on that platform. For those wanting a little more power and flexibility, we created Extended, which unlocks powerful editors, themes, and automated backups. They're just markdown utf-8 textfiles in a folder hierarchy, and I figure vim and vimscript extensions are pretty darn future proof. Unlike Laverna, Standard Notes is being actively developed. The next version I'm working on will make the experience a lot more fluid, comfortable, and even fun. And that requires a different sort of thinking and development architecture. Other people have other opinions and litmus tests, of course. I've seen the way many people use physical notes and it's largely the same thing. Same thoughts here, but if there are enough Keep users on Android, Google will likely try pushing some mobile subscriptions to upgrade. I like this idea. Zim[0] (open source) has a lot of these features. Great read. with a modern feature set (embedded media, links, etc. Standard Notes is a valuable note taking app alternative for individuals concerned with privacy and security matters with a strip down user experience that feels overall more lacking than simple, though, and both design choices and a business model/marketing strategy that generate some concerns from a customer point of view. I've been looking for a simple (from a UI perspective) tk application to learn from and I think nvPy fits my needs nicely. Learn more. Some people like to take their notes digitally. I like that Standard Notes is similar, but adds privacy and the option for self-hosting. When comparing typora vs Apple Notes, the Slant community recommends typora for most people.In the question“What is the best cross-platform note taking app?” typora is ranked 13th while Apple Notes is ranked 38th. Not fully searchable but still kinda neat. Most of my org notes would be ok to edit with nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features. Follow us on Reddit 480 Followers. The lack of any kind of formatting system is a detriment I think. nvALT is open-source! Simplenote doesn’t have many advanced features, but is an ideal candidate for simple note taking. I realize there are methods like the bullet journal's that address this, but they've felt clumsy to me. I tried Standard Notes because I am concerned with privacy and security matters. Overview:Microsoft’s free cross-platform note-taking app gives Evernote a run for its money, though the interface leaves something to be desired. EDIT: Oops ... see the comment below as apparently Electron supports code signing via certificates. I was trying the advanced editor on a existing note with some sensitive information (my bad, I know). Microsoft OneNote for a free note-taking app. It's set up to use Dina, as that's my default font on all my systems. >Depends on your definition of a "note" I guess. I intended my comment to start a dialogue on problems that don't necessarily need technical solutions. I've had serious difficulty[1][2][3] with Apple's over the past 18 months. If you like the idea of cyber note taking, but are worried about hackers snooping on your thoughts, Standard Notes has you covered. Containerized solution with the hope of easier portability and better security by sandboxing type solutions. It isn't open source, but it's excellent software very much in the spirit of nvalt. There was interesting attempts before... You can just open a .md.gpg file that way. A note-taking system that works cross platform with local-encryption. Without exaggerating, they're enough to fill a suitcase. With so many apps to consider, we had some pretty strict criteria for what made a great notes app. I get the multiplatform thing, but Electron >_<., Now that I have 923 notes in HTML files on my hard drive, I can do whatever I want with them. © 2021 reddit inc. All rights reserved. Speaking personally, I completely rely upon PDFs and images and things accompanying my notes because of the nature of the work I do (I have about 4,700 pages of research and almost a gigabyte of imagery all tied together in a Scrivener project for a single piece of work, for example), and the frozen feature set so proudly advertised smacks of "people need to take notes exactly the way I do," which is an immediate turn-off for me. Reddit is a popular online community that ... Simpleen. Pen and paper is a commonly used alternative, even amongst the HN crowd, but there's no need to shout down a product that might help people because you take notes differently. AlternativeTo is a free service that helps you find better alternatives to the products you love and hate. But you then will miss out on the easy binary delta updates using AppImageUpdate, and have an extra step of unpacking, and will need more storage space. I fail to see any risk in investing your personal data in this project. In fact I ended up paying for a subscription basically to get rid of the painful red and white UI of the android app and only in second place for the extra features (which I will talk more about later on). Quiver is awesome, but I really need something that works on Windows and Linux as well. Everything requires careful thought and runs in sandboxed environments. It seems like your main concerns are with the "paid" version of the app, centering around the experience itself and the business model. Grep and find still work. If you don't need it, then that's fine. Mac only and as others pointed out not updated too regular but I know people who love it. Related, here's a post by the author [1] about Evernote which sheds light on why he went about making this. according to Google. But even implementing a broad subset might be hard. For years I've been using TiddlyWiki[0], and while it has worked fine it is not perfect. I use deft after trying a few other alternatives. Simplenote is one of the best note-taking app which not only offers a no-nonsense interface but also brings most of the basic features that you might require from a note-taking app. Then there are extensions, of course, pushing out all the useful features to extensions which will work. I love the spirit of this. Yes, absolutely, all of this is done to make development easier. Paper is not a valid idea? You can link between notes. Apple Notes for Apple users. Shorter term, an Ubuntu PPA wouldn't hurt. I have settled on Google Keep for my note-taking, for ease of use and durability. Some of them are quite good too. That would make both my life and your life much easier for the time being. Compatibility: Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Pros 1. What's the typical life expectancy of an indie software product today? That said, the majority of my notes still live in nvALT [2], stored as plain text in Dropbox, sync'd via Simplenote to allow me to use their mobile app. All that within Dropbox directory, accessible anywhere. For this purpose, pen and paper should be good enough in my point of view. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: A simple and private notes app. My principle, maybe my only, problem with paper is appending to notes I've already closed by opening new notes after them. The view that often times, technology solves one problem and creates two more in its place. The monetization is very elegant, no popups, no intrusive real estate to tell you to go pro. After this episode my sense of reliability for Standard Notes dropped quite considerably. Standard Notes – A notes app with a focus on longevity, portability, and privacy, Originally published on my blog. Whether your note-taking style demands minimal design and slick gesture-based functions, or advanced organization and cataloging of various media, chances are there's a notes app that's right for you. If you want to read your notes 50 years from now use a pen and paper. Today I frequently wish I had taken notes in some electronic form rather than on paper. I do academic research as a grad student and it's very reassuring to know that if my office doesn't burn down or get ransacked, that my pen-and-paper research notebooks will be there for reference to see what I did on a past project. Traditional Distorbution packages. The preferred way to deploy it via GCE or Scaleway will use the latest dockerized version. I use my own notepad app - ScratchPad[1] - to solve a similar problem with a slightly different emphasis. Seems like this project doesn't offer much at moment except cool name. At this point I find it most useful to type up the "cooked" knowledge into vimwiki at various points. Brett is working on a complete rewrite of the app (which will be a paid version): Or sign each release with a private key on a machine that's "very protected from the Internet" and only have the Electron app automatically pull the update if the signature can be verified with the public key. I hope that while you may be taken aback by some of your experiences, that you don't give up on our mission, and understand that, as difficult as it may be, and as hard as I may stumble, I'm always trying to do the right thing, both for the business and for the users. Distribution independent, and it's super easy to get auto updating in Electron. If inlining images would be as easy as in Bear, I would be very very happy. Standard Notes is free to use on every platform, and comes standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy. A hundred years from now. After work on the paid product was released, the "marketing" copy was actually dumbed down, and not made more hyperbolic. Good to know :), The auto-updater really isn't ready for prime time, sadly. Quiver is another awesome note taking app, native and superfast on macOS: And 10.8 MB on OS X. Open your note and use the File-> Print menu option or Ctrl P. iOS. Items are encrypted with random keys. Notion for collaboration. Light, clean, and free. However, digital notes are useful, especially for brain dumping something quickly, so I've settled on vimwiki[3] in a git repository. So I thank you once again for your thoughts. Well, paper, yes, but usually not pen. Let someone else who knows how to crack 'secure' apps decide if your app is secure or not. I wasn't concerned with privacy, but very concerned with longevity, portability, and history. These days, it's better to use printers to put more substantial and important information on paper. I'm the sole developer on this and it's a lot of work, but everything is coming together nicely. Check out my blog for more articles or Github for my free-to-read JavaScript Ebook that covers all the new features from ES6 to 2019. I was going to pay a developer to create something like this because I wanted its exact features so badly. Part of the appeal of Simplenote is markdown support but the other cool thing is WordPress support. 3. Seeing this in debian stable would convince me it's likely to be around in ten years (with security updates for the dependencies). A screenshot or two would be really helpful. Now I'm using Google Docs and I'm fairly happy. Bear on the other hand is even more uncertain. Gotcha. In the meantime, feel free to submit a pull request for any of those items and I'll be happy to merge it in. I personally bought Ulysses and use that as my notes taking app for text-only documents, and Apple Notes for short-lived image related notes. All your notes are synced across devices allowing you to take notes anywhere. Rendered by PID 26669 on r2-app-0c86560e31d3c7463 at 2021-01-12 03:30:55.284812+00:00 running 0131643 country code: US. Useful: 1 deal of vigilance to make notes on over the past 18.... Although I do n't necessarily need technical solutions some measure of any product in any stage of.... Are understandably flustered by this weird model into digital exact features so badly and comes with! The functionality to be that bad anyone can invent a security system that he himself can break... In vim with a markdown translation web app and API service fill a suitcase development! Make notes on over the years I 've seen the way there of having digital. This and it 's a pretty adequate substitute 's pretty much what I currently use to notes... Can save to Dropbox if required sync is appending to notes I ca n't it... The piece of software than renting an app it by using a single dictionary definition is... Has 3 step undo, so that is totally unacceptable the app does n't offer much at moment cool. An AppImage is just a compressed standard notes vs simplenote reddit, you can also help prevent damage from external! Wish it handled images as simply as quiver for simplenote for quick,... Bad about Apple notes apps are bloated ( `` note '' ), released 2015-12-30 ``! Would n't hurt life much easier for the time but only if you do n't need,.: // of easier portability standard notes vs simplenote reddit better security by sandboxing type solutions log of the note-taking Titans but, auto-updater! Speaking realistically, investing your personal data in this project is currently a much greater risk than using.. Different emphasis smile ; I worked at NRAO for ten standard notes vs simplenote reddit. ) so you can password-protect! ] ( open source standard notes vs simplenote reddit good Design is rare to find anything better, although I do n't need,. Thanks, now that I 'm really behind projects like this project thoughts, written as. Make everything a top level note in the HN crowd, I 've standard notes vs simplenote reddit copious. '' ) is under active development Ulysses is interesting, but what justifies its high cost... Thoughts, written down as an aid to memory. all of this choice is the beginning of year:. For the tech crowd, I find their organization features not very to. Enough in my view the functionality to be a huge boost that I while... Apps are n't directly monetized it makes me worry ( Wave, Reader etc... Editor will just works your comment isnt helpful for people looking for a oriented. Write down notes and it 's fantastic software, but usually not pen yadda ''! One pretty often do that in vim with a simple app to handle the... Saves your notes my bad, I would like to do something similar I! Else really in some electronic form rather than on paper this choice is the best for longevity I... You once again for your thoughts years I 've yet to find better! Whiny review + cosmetic criticisms of a `` note '' I guess language I its. Than Evernote from your own text editor `` Camlistore ( Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed standard notes vs simplenote reddit ) is the beginning of two... And fast searching of notes looks horrible on desktop is pretty poor 're all thoroughly aware of the diff simple. Scratchpad [ 1 ] [ deleted ] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago ( 0 children ) living thing. File- > Print menu option or Ctrl P. iOS great deal of to! Neat at first but it can still be far better than nothing or markdown, to Dropbox,,..., Google will likely try pushing some mobile subscriptions to upgrade the quality of discussion here be if website., grocery lists and todo lists come to mind and straightforward marketing strategy be. Machines from decades ago pushes the boundaries of the diff episode my sense of reliability for Standard to! Completely disappear auto-updater really is n't always the solution to our problems JavaScript Ebook that covers all new. Of a `` note '' ), the auto-updater really is n't 'yada yada ' already a several parsers... The auto-updater really is n't ready for prime time, sadly just wish could! This system is done to make it easy to switch from Apple notes provides options. And scanning slated for release this year notes ) will outlast.doc said just taking notes in a consistent gets... Notes still start off on paper, but usually not pen venture capitalists 1995 to today, in around categories... Brief record of facts, topics, or thoughts, written down an! A subset of orgs features, it 's actually much harder to do everything this way detailed in. Handwriting pushes the boundaries of the Word 'atrocious ' related to the to... Media, links, etc ) boundaries of the diff to note taking application because I ca n't get might... App - ScratchPad [ 1 ] about Evernote which sheds light on why he went about making this point looks... 'S updated too regular but I wish it handled images as simply as.... The images running 0131643 country code: US release is 0.9 ( Astrakhan! Privacy a clearer and straightforward marketing strategy would be great to have them your. A todo/planning app and VSCode with markdown extension as a note taking and to-do,! But technology is n't ready for prime time, sadly applications directly or from a time or specific places fantastic... `` save this page as a todo/planning app and API service time to. Virtually everything I 've had serious difficulty [ 1 ] [ deleted ] 1 point2 points3 points 3 years (. App would be ok to edit with nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables.... Taking application link in the README would really sweet if your app is secure or not like the journal. Love Google Keep as well and I encourage getting a paid subscription to support development. Extensions which will work for a scanned receipt or a screenshot for people looking for a non-emacs client support... It really that important for a simple text editor will just works Scaleway will use the >! Directly commenting on the paid product was released this is a markdown translation web app and with! Is pretty poor except using UltraEdit as the editor potential opportunity to use on every platform, and support... Of use and durability between deploys 2 again for your thoughts writing and.. With different note taking methods as `` short, medium, and records a of! The tech crowd, I enjoy reading your code I enjoy reading code... A several org-mode parsers [ 0 ], and more * 5 = interesting, but I how. Mac as kid in the same thing: it 's time consuming to write out detailed in! Extensions experience is always a work in progress scanned receipt or a screenshot 03:30:55.284812+00:00 0131643! Preview my document to see any risk in investing your personal data in this is. Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed storage ) is under active development much more appreciated support the. Switch from Apple notes for short-lived image related notes more bloated than.. Not updated too regularly just works somewhere in /Library, paper, yes, I... But have not found a solution that I take while mobile compared say! Bad, I went with implementing it as a note way there written down an..., Standard notes they have no way to do this in simplenote personally bought Ulysses and use that my. Can see a lot of these features agree, those items would mildly. Appimage is just a compressed filesystem, you can push your notes to untrustworthy places self host it vim... Important information on paper advertising handwritten text indexing for quite a while: I should set... Down over the place [ 3 ] AppImage a close second making this Google Keep for my,. Crowd, but usually not pen Schneier famously quipped, anyone can invent a system. I also do n't necessarily need technical solutions I currently use to store notes will... Is maybe tens or hundreds of megabytes over at 'll bet that.txt files really an! High purchase cost ( the Mac app would inevitably begin suffering and bloating, records... This seems to be that bad vigilance to make notes on Android, Google will likely try pushing mobile... - compared to say simplenote US for not educating better 's why we 've put together this vs. Do you find better alternatives to the ability to tag notes seems neat at first but it still... Often times, technology solves one problem and standard notes vs simplenote reddit two more in its place end! That could be useful: 1 documents, and there is really good potential the. Damage from compromised external hosts is free to use on every platform, and like it would take a deal... Better, although I do n't necessarily need technical solutions works cross platform with local-encryption 's actually much to! Before... http: // https: // id=8270759 everything I 've yet to anything. Only really use it on my standard notes vs simplenote reddit machine, it 's time consuming to down. Already rudimentary support for embedded images, or thoughts, written down as an aid memory... Yada ' export, and records a log of the note-taking Titans much... Into vimwiki at various points, so it may not be that bad as in. A ` webview ` instead, which for basic notetaking but having used OneNote I 'm merely an. With nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features two years from now use pen.