OverviewThe 6R Tractors have seven cab packages designed to match producers' operations. The specific ground speed can be set by pressing button (C), this pedal lock feature works like the cruise control on a car. Custom mode allows the operator to customize the DirectDrive settings if full auto mode is not desirable. The optional CommandPRO joystick combines a unique driving strategy with reconfigurable controls. It offers: Generation 4 CommandCenter displays are available in the following configurations: For those wanting to maximize their viewing real estate, the 25.4-cm (10-in.) The Generation 4 CommandCenter provides an excellent, user-savvy operating experience. Second link: longitudinal linkageThis linkage controls longitudinal movement of the axle. OverviewWith the AutoPowr/IVT transmission, no clutching is required to stop the tractor. Users and access allow the owner to lock out certain functions to prevent operators from accessing or changing settings. NOTE: This bracket is not compatible with joystick-equipped tractors. Premium couplers with high-pressure relief lever. Premium couplers with high-pressure relief lever. CommandCenter© console TLS Plus provides exclusive front suspension using a hydropneumatic self-leveling system to increase productivity and improve ride dramatically. An alarm sounds whenever the transmission is placed in reverse providing a high level of warning that the tractor is changing direction. To ensure comfortable and reliable deceleration of the tractor with both the foot pedal and the CommandPRO joystick the tractor is equipped with unique technology. 6145R, 6155R, 6175R, 6195R, 6215R, 6230R, 6250R, Two-speed and optional intermittent wiper, Two panorama doors (left-hand and right-hand sides), Mirrors - right hand and left hand - manually adjustable and telescopic, Wide-angle mirrors - right hand and left hand - electrically adjustable, Double clutch transmission, 40 km/h (25 mph) at reduced engine speed, Lighting package ™ Panorama light package, Part of Premium panorama roof light package, Part of Standard panorama roof light package, 4200 Processor (21.3-cm [8.4-in.] Tractors with a 4200 CommandCenter are equipped with one video input and tractors with a 4600 CommandCenter have two video inputs (one port to connect two cameras via a Y harness). Maximum ground speed is determined by the location of the speed control lever in the speed band. 2014 John Deere 690 . The reverse speeds can be set to a maximum of 30 percent higher and 70 percent lower than forward speeds, but only in range 1. NOTE: CommandCenter AutoTrac activation stays with the tractor.NOTE: 6155RH only available with code 1867. The wheel is quick and easy to adjust with the thumb and rotates infinitely with no stop or start position. The tractor may be equipped with the premium (450 Series) control valves. This system allows very fast shifting between gears and is highly efficient. Low battery power. Adapter harnesses for non-ISOBUS tractors are available. With the lever in band one, the target maximum speed can be adjusted to 20 km/h (12 mph). Operators can set the maximum forward and reverse speeds for the tractor in their particular application. If it is turned off, the engine does not react to PTO engagement and engine speed is controlled purely based on load. The instrument pod has two large analog dials for engine and tractor speed, as well as two smaller dials that display fuel level, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) level, and coolant temperature. $107500 Financing and delivery available! Grammer is a trademark of Grammer AG Aktiengesellschaft. Type in John Deere SG2 parts, for example, and you'll be shown all 48 items currently in … Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing this yourself? The beacon has a degree of flexible movement, are not completely static, and can withstand the impact of objects such as tree branches. In full AUTO mode, all load anticipation features are active. Button (D) allows the operator to drive with the minimum target rpm with ECO on. To come to a complete stop, the brake pedal should be depressed. The cab lighting pattern provides 330 degrees of coverage while the hood lighting provides the remaining 30 degrees, for completely programmable, 360-degree, stadium-style lighting. Tractors with a 4200 CommandCenter are equipped with one video input and tractors with a 4600 CommandCenter have two video inputs (one port to connect two cameras via a Y harness). The Heavy Equipment Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and sh … read more Power zero ™ Tractor is held stationary by the transmission. The buttons for the park lock and neutral position are next to the CommandPRO joystick on the CommandARM controls. In order to navigate out of this … Operators can easily identify controls by icons located near levers, and each functional area is color coded. For 6030 Series Premium Cab Tractors, the Field Office can be ordered with an optional refrigerator, both as a field-installed attachment, and as a factory-installed option. There are three levels of comfort - economy, standard, and premium. The Software now features AutoClutch sensitivity in four settings: The John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (AutoPowr/IVT) utilizes a combination of mechanical and hydrostatic power, providing stepless and continuous power across an infinitely variable range of speeds. Combination is an intermediate stage between the two settings listed above. Improved uptime due to 360-degree lighting. Not in combination with second beltline lights (code 873M and 873O). The DirectDrive transmission consists of the range box, the dual-path module, and the PowrReverser© transmission. John Deere Break-In Plus™ Engine Oil — Interim Tier 4, Final Tier 4, Stage IIIB, and Stage IV Diesel Engine Oil — Interim Tier 4, Final Tier 4, Stage IIIB, and Stage IV Engine Oil and Filter Service Intervals — Interim Tier 4, Final Tier 4, Stage IIIB, and Stage IV Engines Transmission and Hydraulic Oil Oil for Front-Wheel Drive Axle

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