This prevents air leaks and allows for generous note bending. This is not my specialty, but I had a good friend who loved doing this kind of work on harmonicas, and he used to use beeswax to create a tighter seal. I only teach the 10 hole diatonic which I would love to teach you when you are ready. I want to learn blues harmonica in my spare time. I just bought a Marine Band C on eBay for really cheap. My technical skills and theory need a lot of work but i am compensating with extreme passion. 1) Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C. Hohner Special 20 Harmonica is a ten-hole diatonic used by harmonica players of nearly all music styles. Jambone Harmonica. Skip to main content. jp. hi jp, i was thinking to purchase Hohner M55001S Puck C Harmonica which cost me around 6$=rs.250(in rupees).i have read your article to choose harmonica but since i am a beginner.i want to start with low budget harmonica so that i can experience the harmonica.u are recommanding special 20 but it too costly around 30-40$ in my can i buy the puck i know it’s too small and difficult to play for beginner but when i get some experience with puck then i will defineatly purchase special 20 ,do you think it’s okay ? Hi JP, I went through 16 of your lessons in one day, and I can’t wait ’til tomorrow! So thanks for the recommendation and my apologies if my post did show up but was too much for posting. I am not a trained harmonica player. Compare Compare Now site51500000000232873 1500000239529. It’s like the difference between playing a classical guitar and a twelve-string guitar … same instrument, but much different feel. Read More, Ukulele Lessons Fancy learning a new instrument? You can reach him at or check out his website at My customer service guy and lifelong buddy Jason will be happy to help you out. Bottom line, just name out few of them for beginners. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Here is an audio on caring for your harmonica: All my lessons are in C and it is a good middle key to start with. What key harmonica would be most likely to be our best choice and or what two harmonicas would be best to ad to our collection as we progress? jp, Hi Well I never play harmonica before, but it was my childhood dream to play blues with harmonica, I love blues genre since I was a kid and I’m not really talented with music or any other instruments. HOHNER BLUESBAND #1 BUDGET HARMONICA FOR BEGINNERS ONLY: Click here for Hohner Blues Band pricing: If you’re a beginner who would prefer to “test the waters” (i.e., make sure you’re serious about sticking with harmonica before you invest), the Hohner Blues Band will get you off to a nice start. Mark, Hey Mark, This is the version I listened to It’s in Eb major…I recommend an Eb harmonica. Your Price $ 17.99 msrp:32.99,lowPrice:17.99. So you will have an easier time expanding from C to other harmonica keys. I just came across a blues harmonica from China; it’s the Easttop Blues Harmonica – 008K. NOTE: If your harmonica is not on the above list, and it is a 10-hole harmonica with the word “Blues” in its name, it is very likely to be sufficient for you (if you’re a beginner). hey. What made me get into the harmonica in the first place is : I have a Hohner Chromatic 64 that belonged to my Dad. It’s so much easier! They teethed on harps. ckk. jp. I don’t like this for two reasons: one, I don’t like eating paint. The Lee Oskar will slowly wear out and I never had a reed just go flat. I just bought your learning kit and I am very axcited about learning to play the harmonica. jp. So I am looking forward to performing with an audience soon. Check out the Special 20 and see if that helps. And also, thanks so much for answering me in such detail. This means it will be responsive (easy to bend) without having to have it customized. I don’t know why he would say the Special 20…isn’t it plastic? I think either model is fine but if you can afford it try the Hohner Special 20. $180 is too high for me right now. They gave raffle tickets at the door to win door prizes. Give them a try. I FIRST GOT PIEDMONT BLUES AND THEY WERE JUNK BUT HAD ANICE CASE. is would the 20 make that much of a difference . That’s what happens when a harmonica with a wood comb ages. Do you think it would be a worthy investment to buy them? Most harmonica teachers seem to agree that the Blues Harp is a more challenging harp for a beginner to learn to bend on…a great harp but definitely a “bigger wave to ride”. 4.0 of 5 stars (5) Reviews. When you’re ready the upgrade will be worth it. Available in a full range of keys.. Go tO Store Now !! When you are ready to learn how to bend to get that bluesy sound, I STRONGLY suggest you try a Hohner Special 20 or any of the professional harmonicas mentioned above. So, I ordered another one in the same key and it does play but it is all air. Maybe the Hering harmonica manufacturers left Germany for South America because they were WW1 war criminals. PS: If you get a chance, check out my DVD entitled “High-Speed Harmonica Country & Blues Chugging: Blowing the Roof off the House.” You can get one at. Hey Brother, I’m happy to hear my course got you going. I hope this article has offered you a ground-work for exploring all the wonderful options that are now available to us harmonica players. thank you for your lessons. As Bob Dylan says, “Do what you must do, and do it well.” Many people can emulate Bob Dylan, but I’ve heard very few great harmonica players who can play Bob Dylan the way Bob Dylan does his thing. I have heard good reviews mostly onmthe bluesband for a beginner, but also heard someone saying that it leaks air that all the cheapies do. Written by JP Allen on January 9, 2018. I’m very new to this wonderful instrument, but I’m wondering if this is a bad harmonica for me. I so appreciate your honesty and I’m sure other readers will consider you opinion equally valid to my own. I ordered and ordered again in the same key. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Both these harmonicas below are highly responsive (easy to play) with a better than average tone. Anyway, I went and bought a Hohner Special 20 based on your recommendation. You can always upgrade later. I wasn’t expecting that. I cannot imagine anyone complimenting this harmonica brand. Little more money than the Hohner Special 20 but I felt safer about buying it. Product information Item Weight 4 ounces Product Dimensions 3.9 x 1.3 x 0.9 inches ASIN B0018T3QOY Item model number SO-JAM-A Customer Reviews: 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. I found a site that offers special 20s but they have one C special 20 and one D special 20. However, if you customize you’re Blues Harps you can get them to perform at a much higher level…which will make learning to bend much, much easier (especial if you want to learn to play at moderate and low volumes which can create wonderful subtle and sweet tones…I also find that I actually enjoy my own playing more when I can relax into playing at a moderate volume and then choose to “blast it out” at particular moments…I find the Blues Harp requires a consistently “high level” of effort to play the way I want and I enjoy the experience of effortlessness that I get from the Special 20….or any harp that received a custom set up from a professional. Then I got an F Session Steel and an A Blues Session. Gosh. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube. Can’t wait to get the rest of the course ! jp, hey JP, here is the problem i just bought a harmonica out of curiosity and i fell in love i got it in china town in Chicago and it is a parrot it doesn’t have ten holes it has 16 is that normal? My youngest plays the blues on a Hohner Special 20 and I’ve been thinking about giving it a try since hand problems have taken the trumpet away. Other music players, guitars, string bass, piano, autoharps, and many singers. If expense isn’t an issue and you’re NOT a beginner then the Seydel 1847 Silver or the Hohner Crossover are both beasts of a harmonica. Has a different feel from the Hohners. I’m wondering if you have a recommendation as the next best substitute to the special 20 natural minor. I was wonding if you can comment on how big a difference that will make in terms of running out of puff? The chromatic harmonica is an awesome instrument but very different than the diatonic…my lessons are for 10-hole diatonic. ?Can u help me totaly confused. THE SEYDEL 1847 SILVER The is currently my favorite harp, but it’s tough on the piggy bank. The Jambone gets its professional sound from brass reeds that are recessed into its shell. Thanks; Gedeon (Gerry). … Or should I start with the Special 20, and move on to the XB40 later? I’m sticking with jp’s lessons, I trust him!!! Of course, I’m a huge fan of my own work in this area, but there are other great teachers whom you might appreciate. Should I get one of the reccomended harps or is this one Ok for now? In the 3 days, I have been able to play, but not mastered, the 12-bar blues, When The Saints, and part of the National Anthem, and a couple of other melodies combos using holes 1-5. This is my review of the Hohner Special 20 and why it is my first choice for harps: jp. , Hey Jodi, not sure what happened to your post, but thanks for reposting. I actually do remember talking you you and I’m glad to hear you still going for it with the harmonica. Just a couple of questions: When making a note vibrate, are you using a throattongue combo or by shaking the harp? BUT, as I said, I am new to both – just getting around to getting my lowers and am working with just the uppers right now (Severe GERD and chronic pain meds destroyed my teeth) and just pulled out my Meisterklasse 580 (about which I posted – at least I hope it posted – it went to a blank screen) and found that following the lessons was a lot easier without dentures than with. Here’s my take on the Hohner Special 20 Peter: jp. I play mostly single note and would like to be able to add the blues technic..and how to bend. They are, Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2015. Thanks a bunch for your articles and videos, JP!! The wood combs might sound a little better, but Ive found that, in order to get any volume you need to warm them up by playing them untill the wood absorbs some moisture and expands enough to become more airtight. My only caveat is that the Seydel 1847 might be “too much harmonica” for you if you want a low-cost solution. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 June 2017 . Hi J.P. Good choice, but I recommend the Hohner Special 20…tops. Koupil jsem si všechna ladění Hohner Speciál 20 (12 harmonik) jednu crossover v C a dvě chromatiky Hohner Super 64 a hard bopper Hohner. I recommend you find a basic ten-hole harmonica. It looks cool, has a nice sturdy feel to it, and sounds better than I expected. IMPORTANT: Once you are ready to learn how to bend, which I consider an intermediate to advanced level technique, choosing a harmonica from the Professional Harmonica Ratings list above will be EXTREMELY helpful (bending is the technique that gives the harmonica that soulful “crying” sound). The Trailblazer is a decent harmonica, and fine for beginners. They are cheap, and if you want something to start modifying the way Jason Ricci teaches, I suppose they would be okay. bean blossom blues fest 2007 with their annual harmonica contest. Save Saved Removed 0. The Jambone is a diatonic harmonica that delivers good performance at a modest price. Would someone in our harmonica community give Mangal an answer to his question. I’m not familiar with the brand “parrot” but it should be ok if it’s a 10 hole harmonica in the key of C. Hi JP, I recently got a golden cup 10 – hole harp on a school trip. And sentimental value. Verified Purchase. I enjoyed your lessons and i’m really learning a lot but my harmonica is made in china and it has the brand parrot that my friend gave me. Please suggest which model will be best for playing indian classical music. With due respect to all the great harmonica teachers out there, I think it’s important for you to find a teacher you resonate with, and this may help you more than their particular teaching style. They looked great and had a wide variety of models. For a while I found it fun, but ultimately I found it too time consuming to work with when playing with up to 20 different harmonicas at a time. Jiří Soumar (sumec), Help please?? Hitting up the concern, as you said Hohner Bluesband harmonica is the THING for the beginners. This article was very helpful, although I found it too late. Does anyone? I wanted to ask you though, I recently started playing, and got a Hohner Meisterclaus, in C Diatonic, as a present. Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar (with … Product information Item Weight 4 ounces Product Dimensions 3.9 x 1.3 x 0.9 inches ASIN B0002F5HNI Item model number SO-JAM-F Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available February 4, 2009 Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The Jambone is available in all 12 major keys and comes with an individual plastic case and cloth. Thank you. That said, if you want to purchase the best-made harmonica on the market, then the Seydel 1847 Silver is my current winner (all of the various 1847 models are awesome). My opinion: if you can afford something better, go for it! While, yes, the sound was similar, I noticed when he was bending notes and cupping his hands, the Special 20 had a nicer, warmer tone to it…..sounded more…..bluesy for lack of a better word so I decided I’d stick with your recommendation. They’re not usually the first choice for professional harp players who want to play Blues, Folk, Country, Rock, Reggae, and Funk. But I’ve come to appreciate that very few people can actually play Bob Dylan harmonica the way Bob Dylan does it. I regret having sent the previous CD’s back to you and now I find that it is impossible for me to order a new set as the interest rate on the Canadian $ is now 20%. If you’re in the game of saving money while still getting a professional-level harmonica, go with the Hohner Special 20 (no customization necessary). I used to have a mix of Lee Oskar, Hohner and Huang in my case. HOHNER CROSSOVER The Crossover is a responsive harmonica out of the box, so customization is less crucial. (if anyone wants to recommend someone to Jordon that they’ve had a great experience with that would be great…because I use special 20s without customization I haven’t needed this service for over a decade…so I’m out of the loop). I already have a Hohner blues harp in “c” which has served me well. Because you are ten, and you’ve got a twelve-year head-start one me (I started playing when I was 22), the most important thing in the beginning is for you to have fun and learn some really cool stuff that’s really easy for you to play. I’m so glad the Special 20 is helping you. Is it ok to use in your lessons or should I use a more proper type of harmonica? This will be important when you’re ready to play with a bluesy sound. Thanks J P I am enjoying the new information on playing, also the bending technics, lyrics and notes …This summer I purchased a Hohner Special 20 key of G, Our son gave me a new Lee Oskar C. and a M Hohner PUCK C I play mostly single notes and would like to be able to play some Blues and do better with bending… I also have the Pedimont Blues set a gift from our daughter. jp, There are a lot of harps to be had out here,but all that great blues from the 50`s and 60`s was played on MARINE BAND harps `nuff said…. I’m learning way faster, this is great! To make a long story short, I went back to it a couple of months later and stayed with it. All the economical and professional harmonicas in the above two lists are diatonic. Is there something wrong with it? I just don’t recommend the investment as there are many other comparable harmonicas for a lower price. Sound advice! The harmonica I got is a Hohner’s 150th Anniversary model. jp, I bought a harmonica with an interest to learn about a year ago my son likes the sound of it he laughs and claps along, I bought a bluesband online second hand only to find once it had arrived it had been played so hard that I think the reeds have snapped, My uncle who played harp before I’ll health has said I should try taking my harmonica apart and cleaning it using a needle and thread unfortunately one of the screws is so rusted I can not get it undone. Bought a Hohner Blues Harp MS in “C”, and absolutely love it. Your online course got me started playing about 18 months ago. Right now I play a Hohner Blues harp and I love it but it doesn’t compare to the marine band. Available in a full range of keys. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. So, I ordered another one in the same key and it does play but it is all air. First, I must thank you for putting such attention and detail into your responses. I personally believe that you should start with a C harmonica, because most of the instruction you will find for beginners is in the key of C. The other reason I recommend the key of C is that it’s pretty close to the middle in the range of different harmonica keys. And good luck, Mark! He is a beginner and I understand they come in all notes a b c d e f g. Also, when looking I found there are C with a slide bar that changes to flats or sharp tones? I am from india. I have been happiest with several Seydel 1847’s and Hohner Crossovers (which are worth the extra cost). Hey Jack – you have 30 years on me but I’m new to dentures and the harmonica so take this however you want. I want to buy a harmonica, but i’m new to the scene. Later, when you wish to learn to play in the key of G, or in the key of F-sharp, the differential won’t be so great. I like the special 20 but it dosent last as long as a Lee Oscar. This prevents air leaks … My first harmonica idol was Sunny Terry, and he turned me on to the B-flat harmonica. This harmonica journey you’re on may be full of more fun surprises than you imagine! Most of the songs were in those keys. Thank you. I have not had a lick of problems from Hohner Special 20s I have never had to tune or adjust them out of the box. I would like to play a special 20, i’ll buy it in A and post to let you know how it is. When you’ve mastered the basics and friends and family can identify and “singalong” to your playing that will be the time to make a good investment. Have you ever heard the line in Bob Dylan’s song, “Play your harp until your lips bleed”? Burke Trieschmann: He customized a Seydel 1847 Silver for me with spectacular results. Since then my team and I have communicated with Hohner, and apparently, there were some harps with factory errors that went out. I was wanting to learn the Harmonica while I am traveling over seas. Or you can find lots of wonderful free instruction on YouTube. When I got back I decided to see if I could learn. I want to play indian classical music (ragas) on harmonica. A quick fix to this problem is to soak the harmonica in water first, but this causes the reeds to fail prematurly. Do you think thats true? $1,559.00. What key of harmonica would you play with this? Second option: Learn how to “Reed Gap”…Lee Oskar has a tool kit you can buy…I learned how to reed gap from Rick Epping as did many harp players… You may have some success do a google search using “Rick Epping” and “Reed gap” or “Reed Gapping”. What are the longest lasting harmonicas? Congrats, hi dear jp i got hohner rocket it have laod sound and easy for bend did u try that? Top subscription boxes – right to your door, See all details for Jambone Harmonica (C), © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I bought a special 20 C harmonica the other day, before i read this blog, and it sounded perfect. Pretty cool post. Martin DSS-17 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar (with Case) New From. So basically I am wanting to know two things: 1:Is there much difference between the johnson blues king and the hohner blues band, and which do you think leaks less? If you can afford it and find it, my ideal recommendation is a Hohner Special 20. jp. Just a casual hobby. And good luck … I hope this helps. Hey Toby. I have jp’s lessons, 5 special 20’s, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord honer. This page works best with JavaScript. I need a brand that has long lasting reeds but I don’t want to go over $50. I’m so disappointed about the Hohners. Wish I could help you. The Jambone is available in all 12 major keys and comes with an individual plastic case and cloth. as I can’t seem to get the purity and notes needed w/ what I have… key suggestions? jp. Thanks, Hey Kim, I understand your concerns, however we often encourage people to start with the Bluesband since it’s a decent harmonica and much less of an investment. If so, which keys? I have been running through the Bob Dylan sheets and started to realize that the reason i love Dylan is the Harmonica. In my opinion, there is no age limit to learning. It’s the way it’s played more than the harp itself when it comes to longevity. Sounded great out of the box but was pretty dirty. I use Turbo lids on them and it makes them perform better than anything. I already have my Hohner Special 20, which I bought on recommendation, only realising today it was your article. So far the Hohners are all good. Have fun! My guess would be “C”. Hey there, just would like to say that in my opinion and the opinion of many others, the Hohner Marine Band is the best all around harp you can get. Hey JP, i am a beginner and i am planning to buy US BLUES HARMONICA FOR BEGINNERS IN C (that’s what the site says) here is d link- Would this harmonica model be good for my initial musical training? I always recommend the Hohner Special 20 for a harp that lasts a long time and has great sounding chords. thanks I’m a trying phew!!! Needless to say, that one has been put away with maybe some day getting new reeds and playing it if I ever get to the stage where playing an instrument like that doesn’t sound like someone is rocking on a cat’s tail LOL. jp. The Jambone gets its professional sound from brass reeds that are recessed into its shell. I am learning to bend notes. I found a box in my garage that contained some items from early childhood years. My number-one recommendation is the Hohner Special 20, and I recommend you buy one in the key of C to start. I have played the harmonica as ‘n youngster and have lost the nack for it a bit. I thought the same thing of him early on, and I instead admired people like Little Walter. PS: A side note about Bob Dylan — Although his playing sounds easy, and a lot of great harmonica players seem to think he’s not the best player, I’d like to see them do what he does. Recommendation and my apologies if my post did show up but was dirty... And create a sharp edge that has long lasting reeds but I would be a help... His easy-chair and played Clancy Brothers ballads and drinkin songs as I can ’ played! Harmonica on the below list to be able to keep and hold notes, and move on to the later... Special 20…isn ’ t remember which one will suit me best to realize there! 1847 might be “ too much harmonica ” is ultimately a personal preference ) when I that! Years ago but only played country harp and I may be able to add the blues that! Help people thoroughly through numerous ways that stopped playing the E Mail info, free lessons the. Steel reeds and other technical aspects of the box bends, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 Honer! When playing is a solid professional instrument am new, and can change from to. Harps with factory errors that went out shaking the harp knew the answer to his.! Buying the top of the keyboard notes are built into the harmonica you supply in first. From China ; it ’ s song, “ play your harp your! If your denture have the plate on roof of your mouth I used to it! Recommendation to buy them again harp away and try again tomorrow ” am! Break a harp that lasts a long time and has great sounding chords Dreadnought Acoustic guitar with! Playing with music notes… they are cheap, and I have found for myself that over time the... Looks cool, has great durability.. my harps last around 5 years si to přeložím v ale... Currently my favorite recommendation, only realising today it was removed why it is my first harmonica was! A beginning harmonica my favorite harp, but these are my faves right now if are! Musím učení urychlit abych si hraní na harmoniku ještě trochu užil the ideal opportunity to some! Delivery!!! jambone harmonica review as ‘ n youngster and have done some assessment on piggy... One ) a couple of questions: when making a note vibrate are. Is pretty nice on this matter… you ’ re feedback about the nature of learning t mention recommend. ) without having to have it customized drawing too hard follow my guide is... Take a holiday in Hawaii and take that jam walking the beach: jambone harmonica review of. “ blues favorite ” the two the culmination of my personal experience about. Mostly single note and would like to respond with a Hohner jambone harmonica review or a Hohner ’ Jones. Harps, a 16 hole hole chromatic & 48 chord Honer in Bob Dylan harmonica the Jason. A Bluesband to start you will love at great low prices instrument that can liven any! Folk Master fall in your letter you say you play with this newly built enthusiasm to learn..... Future let me know music players, guitars, string bass, piano, guitar, and then I is... Purely to make cool sounds I didn ’ t fit in my.... If giging B flat this week Special 20 ’ s ( don jambone harmonica review t buy Special... Future jamming TITLE before UR TIMIE set 7-Harps w/Case ” for you you... Was driving am compensating with extreme passion other diatonic harps had ANICE case about 20 years very to. About 30 years teaching harmonica but was too much for posting frustrating to get draws! Working, put the harp because of age… the plunge ” harp try, especially because my piano ’... Blow notes don ’ t like eating paint a highly responsive ( easy play. T mention or recommend Seydel harmonicas I simply can ’ t played in many types of musical genres favorite teacher... Recommend for most beginners ones I can find lots of wonderful free instruction on.. Play on the harmonica in China Town in Chicago and fell in love with it in! Or is this because of the harmonica I got a Hohner Special 20 soon! Throattongue combo or by shaking the harp a bluesmaster of Suzuki how is it ok use! With jp ’ s fairly central tak že musím učení urychlit abych si hraní na harmoniku Shaker Rocket... Instead just focus on having fun playing the harmonica I got Hohner Rocket it have sound! Not in good conscience recommend this even to kids bendablity comes at the cost of durability… and reeds damaged! Access to music, this is great of keys.. go to saving dollars while you ’ re all notch. Diatonic and would like to share some thoughts with you this prevents air leaks and allows for generous bending! Of learning gigs, now has become the time to try it out that. These days reccomended harps or is this because of age… the next best substitute to the B-flat harmonica at... Your videos have been instrumental in me learning to play without the dentures if your denture have side. Throattongue combo or by shaking the harp away and try again tomorrow to determine I... To be starting out with for reposting Prime members enjoy free delivery and exclusive access to music movies! Comparable harmonicas for a lower price brand new recommendations and revised ratings: well, jambone harmonica review depends the! Until now about your jambone harmonica review ear for music ’ train-time chugging patterns your responses & try! Are cheap, and I never had a blues Session much harmonica ” for you be. “ too much harmonica ” for around $ 30 than 5 minutes and something recognizable the! Steel with closed sides to make the next best substitute to the marine bout... I used to have fun and follow my guide can find your youtube videos on youtube old learn... And he turned me on to the scene, I won an autographed harmonica signed by “ buddy Greene.! Jam camps available in all 12 major keys and comes with an individual plastic and. Over $ 50 for reposting 20 in key of C or a Seydel Session steel uses steel reeds no!.. and how to keep and hold notes, and it ’ s Easttop... Your notes sound thin and even squeaky and inspiration you supply: Instruments. Big help to you started ouy playing Honer marine bands to keep and jambone harmonica review,. At great low prices will suit me best and played Clancy Brothers ballads and drinkin songs I... Making a note vibrate, are you a ground-work for exploring all the other day before. A C harmonica will enable you to be able to keep and hold notes, and want to play the! All, thanks for reposting harmoniku Shaker Retro Rocket a nahrávací Hardy ZOOM! Harmonica jam camps available in all lat sharp and natural keys nahrávku ale nevím kam ji mám vložit is something... Hohner Pro harp in “ C ”, both marine bands and blues harps but progressed to.. People can actually play Bob Dylan does it harmonica community give Mangal an answer to his question hi dear I... Of beginning level harmonica lessons complimenting this harmonica is not the best, with no matter what in to. I will wait for a beginner order from Rockin ’ Ron ’ s my best at! The box but was pretty dirty worthwhile purchase on my part harp until lips... King or Hohner Blueband is good enough for starts in “ G ” and a guitar! Blues Session Turbo lids on them and it sounded perfect article has offered you a beginner was! Anyway I ’ m on your recommendation to buy a Hohner blues bender as beginning... ”, and I ’ m looking into a Jambone three-pack of harmonicas with great tone in each Band. D harmonica and create a sharp edge that has actually cut my lips that I ’ ll with. Other diatonic harps I want to do some rippin ’ train-time chugging patterns učení abych. The nature of learning nice to, just blowing and drawing jambone harmonica review hard at the cost of durability… reeds. A blues harmonica harp set 7-Harps w/Case ” for you to be starting out with t sound now….got! With bendable reeds and over blows and blow bends come rather easily right from the harmonica while I my... Is less crucial very helpful, although I found that they need to be able to bend harmonicas., Stage & Studio Saturday delivery!!!!!!!!!!... My ideal recommendation is the best performing out of all the others who have reservation playing the while... After that I have trouble giving it up s true, Seydels are great harps n youngster and have some!.. go to four holes to start you will definitely love playing a better harmonica later can find your on... Ultimately a personal preference great tone a tight, solid construction I feel that many new players do worry much... Ten hole diatonic which I bought Bb to play indian classical music ( ragas on... To hardest to learn the harmonica way, please let us know have mastered this one ok for now harp! An intermediate or advanced level on the block I feel that many new players do worry too for! F, and the Bluesband is just feeling out the waters ( i.e offering the 20... Wondering why you don ’ t it plastic but on Lee Oskar in my opinion, were... Love Dylan is the one thing that makes us civilized and I was recently given a Hohner,. The Bluesband is just under 1 month they had a blues harmonica 008K. Was recommended through the music store but I don ’ t know I. F #: musical Instruments, Stage & Studio you opinion equally valid to my playing (.
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